Making a Difference

Originally founded in 1999, RSO is built on the principal that Architecture is a tool for improving the lives of people, that design when applied with purpose and integrity can measurably improve the human condition, enhance the cultural and natural environment and create sustainable economic value.  In an ever increasingly commodity driven world, we believe it is an imperative that our practice focus on celebrating the uniqueness of each community and original solutions that foster creativity, productivity and the well-being of those we serve.


Who We Are

RSO is led by Ricardo Oliveira, the founding principal of RSO Architecture and Sean Huang who joined the practice in 2018 after 19-years as the Senior Partner of the renowned American Design firm, Kaplan McLaughlin Diaz (KMD).  Ricardo and Sean believe in a hands on, craftsman approach to design, leveraging their diverse and accomplished skills of over 55 combined years of experience leading large scale projects for leading global clients, providing a more personalized, results driven practice that makes every project unique and affords each client the attention and commitment to create meaningful buildings and places that are valued by our clients and communities. 

As a global practice RSO combines American and European design expertise, leveraging international innovations and best practices balanced with a sensitivity and commitment to adapt to local conditions.  Originally established in Braga Portugal, RSO has been expanded to now include offices in Seattle WA, serving clients in the USA, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia on an integrated platform.

Leveraging Diversity

Ricardo and Sean have practiced, designed projects in over 27 Countries and over 84 Cities in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, working with private, institutional and public clients.  This rich diversity of experience is one of the foundations of our practice which allows us to bring fresh ideas and innovations from different cultures and geographies that engage technology, urbanism, aesthetics, psychology, culture and placemaking on all our projects.  They key however is not just applying ideas from different places, but understanding what principles are behind them and synthesizing appropriate solutions that are harmonious to the specific culture, environment and economics drivers of each unique place. The areas that RSO practices includes:​

•    Healthcare and Medical Planning
•    Primary and Higher Education
•    Workplace, Science and Technology
•    Retail Mixed Use
•    Sports and Entertainment
•    Hospitality/Resorts
•    Housing
•    Master Planning and Urban Design
•    Interior Design 
•    Landscape Architecture

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