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RSO is built on the principle that Architecture is a tool for improving the lives of people, that design when applied with purpose and integrity can measurably improve the human condition, enhance the cultural and natural environment, and create sustainable economic value.  

In an ever increasingly commodity driven world, we believe it is an imperative that our practice focus on celebrating the uniqueness of each community and original solutions that foster creativity, productivity, and the well-being of those we serve.

Based in Bellevue WA, USA, and with a branch office in Braga, Portugal, the practice combines American and European design expertise, leveraging international innovations and best practices balanced with a sensitivity and commitment to adapt to local conditions.


2414 171st Avenue SE Bellevue,

WA 98008, USA 

Tel: +1 (424) 291-0073

Largo Sao Joao Souto, 14, 1- frt esq

4700-326 Braga, Portugal 

Tel: +351 253-261-146

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