Ricardo Oliveira, RIBA, OA

Founder, Principal

With 25+ years of experience, Ricardo has been on the forefront of designing world-class healing environments that focus on improving the human condition.  Ricardo has led multi-national teams globally designing some of the largest and most complex hospitals and academic medical facilities throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Having established RSO in 1999, Ricardo has Ricardo has lectured and been published widely on the design and implementation of Healthcare in Europe and the Middle East


Principal, President

With over 30+ years of experience, Sean has been an innovative force in a diverse range of project types that include healthcare, education, hospitality, hospitality, retail/entertainment and urban mixed use environments. Sean has designed and lead projects across the USA, Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Latin America and has lectured and published numerous articles on how design can improve economic, social and environmental performance and outcomes. Sean joins Ricardo in leading RSO with over 20 years as a partner of two renowned US global architectural firms.

Pedro Quaresma, RIBA, OA

Director Project Management

With over 16+ Years of Professional Experience, Pedro has been responsible in the design, management, technical development  and construction of award-winning projects throughout Europe, the United States and the Middle East that includes healthcare, housing, hospitality, commercial office, retail, academic and mixed use developments.  Having worked in international practices in Dubai (Perkins Eastman), Saudi Arabia (Omrania), Montenegro, Portugal and London (RTKL), Pedro brings unparalleled global experience to RSO and a distinct understanding to deliver complex projects with diverse teams leveraging local and international talent.  

Andre Miguel Panichi, OA

Director Workplace

With over 16+ Years of Professional Experience, Andre has been responsible for the design and implementation of many leading workplace projects throughout Europe, the United States and Latin America. Having worked in international practices in Portugal and Brazil (Gensler) Andre has been on the forefront on the design of innovative work environments that improve business outcomes and productivity for companies.  In addition, he design expertise in healthcare, housing, hospitality, retail, academic and mixed use developments make him a well-rounded designer with the ability to bridge innovations across many building types that are more influential in the integrated work environments that attract and grow talent.

Hugo Lapa, OA

Director Science & Technology

With over 16+ Years of Professional Experience, Hugo has been responsible in the planning, design, management, technical development  and construction of cutting-edge science laboratory projects throughout Europe, the United States and the Middle East.  His expertise spans from innovative, private biotech and pharmaceutical laboratories to some of the most advanced academic and government institutional laboratories in bio-sciences and nano-technology.  In addition, with his extensive experience on the manufacturing side of Laboratory furniture and equipment, Hugo also brings an unparalleled understanding on how advanced laboratory environments are implemented and operated ensuring that designs are realistic and effective when built.

Eric Lennox, ASLA

Director Planning and Landscape

Eric brings over 21 years of leadership in the planning and design of complex developments throughout the USA, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe that integrate social, urban and the natural elements to create places that are economically sound and inspiring. As the founder of the Landscape Architectural firm Artifex 10, Eric has collaborated with RSO for over 10 years working on numerous international hotels and hospitals. In joining RSO heightens our ability to blur the edge between the built and natural environments.

Jeanine Green, BA

Director of Operations

Jeanine brings 19+ years of professional experience in organizing and managing teams across multiple international offices ensuring the operations and resources are optimized to meet project and client’s needs. Jeanine is instrumental in building and managing the RSO global platform that brings together empowering collaboration with a wide range of technologies and management systems.

Atef Sadeq

Director Medical Equipment Planning

With 30 + years of Wide experience in Medical Equipment, Healthcare Facilities Design, Healthcare operation, maintenance and Project Management,. Atef brings extensive knowledge and understanding to all client engagements. As Medical Equipment consultant Atef has delivered several Iconic Mega Projects from inspection to commissioning and handing over In Saudi Arabia and Egypt. As a medical equipment specialist, Atef has been involved in Installation, maintenance, commissioning of Healthcare Facilities as well as managing the design, planning, construction, contracting, scheduling, estimating, bidding, and contract administration phases of work.

Humberto Ferreira, OA

Senior Architect

With a Masters in Architecture from Universidade Lusíada de Vila Nova de Famalicão, Humberto has focused his career on integrating sustainability and architecture. With work throughout Europe and the USA, Humberto has over 8 years of experience working across multiple scales from renovation work to large, mixed use developments and across multiple building typologies such as Residential, Commercial Mixed Use, Academic, Healthcare, Sports and Workplace environments. His passion is to make the unreal become real, pursuing digital visualization and generative digital processes as tools to translate is emotions, aesthetics, and innovation to the spaces he creates. 

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